What's On Trend for 2024

What's On Trend for 2024

I've been seeing the Tik Tok trend of "in's and outs" for 2024 so I have decided to list some for Rae Sterling below! 

In's for 2024 Rae Sterling Edition:

Self Confidence 

Wearing what's comfortable on our bodies

Loving our looks that God gave us and clapping for those that enjoy enhancing those looks!

Celebrating even the smallest wins for ourselves

Putting ourself FIRST!

and last but not least, NOT GIVING A RIP what others think of us!

In 2024, let's be fully and authentically ourself!


Outs for 2024 Rae Sterling Edition:

Counting Calories

Wearing ONLY what's in style

Sacrificing comfort for looks

People pleasing, you know who I'm talkin' to!

Fear of disappointing folks

Not cheering for ourselves even when we give tasks and every day life our best shot!


I feel better now, don't you?! Ha! 


For me personally, this is my year to say "NO" more and "yes" to things that I WANT to do! I am a recovering people pleaser at heart and I'm working on that first and foremost this year! Who is with me on better ourself FOR ourself?! 





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