Meet The Gal Behind RS!

Hi there! I'm Kaleigh and i'm the owner of Rae Sterling! Welcome and come on in! 
A little bit about me, I am a wife and a mama bear! I have one little boy, his name is Sterling Rae after me, Kaleigh Rae and his handsome Daddy, Colbey Sterling. Cool how I came up with my boutique name, huh?
I have 3 SWEET fur babies, Flash (Basset Hound rescue), Mickey (Boston Terrier) and Josie (Standard Poodle). I am a sucker for animals! 
I have always had a free spirit and walked to the beat of my own drum in anything I do. I grew up on Elvis Presley, Joan Jett, Def Lep and 90.9 KSWP (If you're local, you'll know!) My fashion choices are very much influenced by a vibe whether it be from a song, a feeling or even an edgy trend. I will always have a love for fashion and creativity!
A funny about me - When I was around six years old, my grandma took me with her to grocery shop at our local walmart and on our way to the store we stopped by a yard sale. I saw the most beautiful purple old lady church hat and I HAD to have it! She bought it for me to play dress up at home with. I was so excited! When we got to walmart, against my grandmas begging and pleading with me, I wore it inside the store and around the corner a precious old lady was wearing the SAME hat and gave me a compliment! I turned to my grandma and Said "Told ya so!" Anything is fashionable if you have enough confidence! 
I am a huge advocate for being YOURSELF and never holding back. There is only one YOU, everyone else is taken. 
I am so looking forward to having you in my store and shopping my website. Thank you for visiting my about me page - I hope to see you at the check out counter soon! 

-Kaleigh <3